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Only A Dream (John)


Spent the morning alternating between sleeping and running to the bathroom with nausea/pain. I think the latter is finally done. I hate when this hits because I'm pretty sure its not a stomach bug but something that has randomly hit me off and on for the last few years and I've never figured out the cause. I hope this is the only instance for a long time because it sucks. (understatement! lol)

But dogs and cats are fed, dogs are walked and I think I'll lay back down for about an hour then get on with my to-do list for the day. One of the things on the list is working on the baby blanket for S' baby girl. This thing seems to be taking forever.

Oh, and if anyone wants a hat. I think I'm going to make one out of Taz if he doesn't stop acting so weird! Hopefully, he'll start adjusting to his new home (and the outside cats) soon. Yoda is currently chilling under my blanket as usual.

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Yoda boy2


I'm going a bit nuts here folks. I've given up the ghost and started making a freaking coat for Yoda. Only problem is I don't understand one of the abbreviations for the patterns.

What the frell does "RS" mean when the pattern says: 1st row: (RS)

It doesn't say in my crochet book! *flail*

By the way, this has somehow gotten [personal profile] ivorygates imagining how Jack O'Neill would bitch over the same thing while being forced to learn to crochet (or knit) after an apocalypse (Cameron being his ever-so-patient tutor). She's even brought up the idea of a ficathon called 'Apocalypse Yarn". I am innocent in this pondering, I swear.*cackle*

eta: tis solved! teh interwebs are awesomesauce!

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Captain Fun

well smack my ass and call me sally...

Not really but I've always liked that saying. *g*

I've been crocheting a scarf since forever and I ran out of yarn about halfway through it and since I'd bought it last year at a Walmart I couldn't remember what it was called or the brand. So I began using a new color to finish the scarf. Well today we stopped into Micheals to pick up a skein of yarn for another project I have planned and I couldn't freaking believe it when I saw the yarn I'd began my scarf with and it's waaaaay too late to backtrack and add it into the scarf (unless I want to turn it into a shawl). Guess someone is getting a hat to go with her scarf. :D

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