Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

I'm working here...

Okay, cable mans coming to check out my DSL modem because it keeps losing its signal. So that means I have to bust ass in my usual housecleaning after four Spawns of satan before noon. And Heaven forbid...clean my own damn room. ACK! No one understands the messiness of genius. *bg* Just kidding...Just no one understands. I have a clean clothes pile and a dirty clothes pile. I swear I should have been born a guy.

Anyway, until I can finish my little prequel, here's a snippet..completely unbeta'd

Tipping the drink up one more time, Grayza’s words continued to echo in John’s memory, “Despite excellent marks, this committee are denying your application for service in the Peacekeepers due to genetic hearing loss in your right ear.” The Captain’s words had hit him with all the force of a punch in the stomach, and it still continued to stun him. No one had told him of any ‘hearing loss’, he was in top physical condition, his last physical has proved it, but apparently the Peacekeeper’s medical equipment was still superior to Earth’s and had found a minor genetic flaw.

Being the only child of Jack Crichton, the first Human to aid the Peacekeepers, all John had wanted to do his entire life was to leave Earth and join the alliance and make his parents proud. When his father passed away from cancer, John doubled his hard work in an effort not to think about what was now missing from his life. Now all John could think was he had failed him, failed both of his parents. Remembering his mother’s words of encouragement just before the transport departed Earth, it made that disappointment that much harder. John didn’t know how he was going to break the news to her. Scoffing at himself, he thought, ‘Now that’s bad, twenty five years old, and I’m worried about what ‘mommy’ is going to think. I am pathetic.’

Twirling the cup of Raslak in his hand, John noticed the room had gone quiet. Looking up, his eyes widened in surprise at the figure standing in the doorway. Admiral Scorpius was legendary. It was because of him, and his use of wormholes as a defensive weapon, that the Earth had been saved from a Scarran fleet. John could barely remember the excitement his father displayed telling Leslie Crichton of Earth’s first off world contact with another species. It had been Scorpius, along with several members of High Command who came and prepared the Earth’s governments for the inevitable. Because of Scorpius, Earth was now one of several planets that joined the Peacekeeper alliance against the Scarrans and Charrids.

Noticing his hand was trembling slightly, John gripped his cup tighter, afraid of what the Admiral would think if he noticed. He had grown up listening to stories of how Admiral Scorpius escaped the Scarrans who had forced his birth, and used his knowledge to aid the Peacekeepers, but it was his discovery of wormholes that kept the Sebacean race alive. Scorpius was but one more reason John had wanted to serve in the alliance from an early age. Next to his father, the Admiral was, in a way, his hero.

John couldn’t take his eyes off of the half-breed as he walked down the stairs, and for a moment John wondered what an Admiral was doing coming down to the local bar, then saw him approach a Captain standing at the bar. His heart almost stopped for a moment when Scorpius’ eyes glanced his way. He wanted to approach the Admiral and shake his hand, and for a moment John almost lost his nerve, but he knew that this may be his only chance to personally meet the savior of Humans and Sabeceans alike.
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