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Just a run down of how my day went yesterday.

- Woke up, the house was nice and quiet.

- Recieved a call from my mom. My youngest niece fell at the stadium where they went to watch fireworks and fractured her wrist.

- Ran late for work because I got into an arguement with my mom when they got home as I was leaving.

- Worked on rearranging the stock in the cooler at work for 5 hours.

- Was flirted with by two girls that wanted to buy beer after the deadline at 3 am. *sorry chick, you're cute, but my ass isn't going to jail for you.*

- Had a stack of bottled water almost land on my head because it wasn't put up right. I had only started on that particular area, so I hadn't had a chance to move them yet.

- A good friend that I hadn't seen in forever just showed up out of the blue. I hadn't seen BJ since just before him and his husband were in a car wreck and C. was killed instantly.

We hugged, and he said he'd moved back to the area and asked for my number again so we can hang out like we used to. *bg*

- Got off work. The battery on the pick up wouldn't turn over. Even after charging for thirty minutes. Finally I called my mom and she tried to fix it and broke the post thingy on the battery cable.

- Took a hot shower, and am now sitting back in my Joe Cool T and eating a brownie.

BJ showing up, and the brownie make things even out.

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