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I can't really tell if I was lucky or not last night. Mini-van broke down again. The belt on the new water pump came off. That sucks since I am currently waiting on the dealer's towtruck to take it back to the shop. That means I had to call out of work last night. I feel bad too because the manager had to go in because today is a big corporate inspection. ACK! I feel bad for her since she had to be there for it. Also the guy I was supposed to work with had to lock up the store until she arrived.

I had slept all day, so I was still awake all night and I'm almost done with a fic I promised someone for their b-day and made a couple of icons. But I couldn't come up with a single thing for the bad!fic spam.

My brain is mush right now, so I just downloaded the Firefox browser. It's cool so far, bigger screen. I like that. But I can't get Java to work on it when I click on BritAngie's website. I miss the pretty Johns in water. hehe

After the kids got up, (ten minutes after I went to bed in the first place) I noticed Tigger had brought the kittens out of hiding. They've all got their eyes open and trying to explore. It's too damn cute. One of the gray ones has a white spot between her eyes, I've taken to calling her Chiana, she's the bravest of the three. Told my mom I wanted to keep her, and she said that she's already found homes for all of them because we have too many pets already. Damn! I knew I shouldn't have gotten attached to them. :P

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