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Thanks to those who offered hugs and choco Johns. I just had a real bad day starting 5 min after I woke up and didn't stop until I went to sleep today. But you did give me a smile.

And Scorpy, the wallpaper did give me warm fuzzies. *g*

*hugs and cookies for everyone*

ETA: gbbarb hit me up with a PM with a plot idea: I had an evil idea and naturally I thought of you. What if Furlow kidnapped Talyn John in Incarus Abides and sells him to the Scarrans and Aeryn and Moya John are forced to rescue him or the Scarrans would get the wormhole knowledge. Can you imagine the angst (YEAH ANGST!!!) for my poor Moya John having to save TJ only to lose her to MJ. I can't write it but if you or one of your evil minions need a idea for a story I think it would be interesting. I would be available to help with evil plot bunnies, I love those bunnies, insert evil manical laughing here.

As you can tell. She like angst. *eg* I really like that idea. I think I might do it after I ever get off my ass and finish my other stories.
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