Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

giddy with happiness

First I get off work and go pick up my 3.4 DVD at Barnes and Noble, residing myself to the fact that I, queen of the cheapskates, am about to drop 40 bucks on a dvd. I'm standing at the checkout and one of the employees asks if he can help me. I tell him I'm there to pick up my Farcape DVD, the girl behind the counter gets it and me and this guy start to talking about Farscape. He just a casual watcher, but he still likes the show alot. I mentioned that I usually get my DVDs at Best Buy but they were sold out. He told the cashier to give me 10 % off and walked away. Whoo Hoo! I saved 4 bucks.*g* Hey, It's money...

Then, I get a PM at Kansas from oneeyethedrd she's got a live journal now and she put up a snippet of chapter 10 of Unrealized Peacekeeper. I could not get to the story fast enough. This story is the reason I started reading fanfic in the first damn place, and I look forward to each part as if it's christmas morning. The detail she puts into her story is beyond amazing. By the time your done reading the chapter, you have to shake off the feel of the world she has put you into. I love when a story does that to me.

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