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Kaz and V's Amazing Adventure

This is us at the airport when I said goodbye after a wonderful two weeks. I think you can tell I'm trying not to cry. I didn't actually succeed before the last hug at security. But she'll be back. Her plans are to move up here with me after she graduates and go to college in this area.

 photo 1535561_10202278307652894_1050806144_n.jpg

Veronica and my Christmas tree, plus the gingerbread house she wanted to do. She put our initials over the door.

 photo 1545785_10202205614115601_2076439036_n.jpg  photo 1535553_10202177966624431_1196169998_n.jpg

All she wanted for Christmas was to go to Dollywood, so I killed my savings to give that day to her. We were there from open to close and hit every single roller coaster in the place, some of them 2 or 3 times, despite the cold temps.

 photo 1495451_10202194980529768_1379827699_n.jpg  photo 1491672_10202194980649771_93310493_n.jpg  photo 1538909_10202194981929803_1118307466_n.jpg  photo 580326_10202194982409815_516193708_n.jpg  photo 1526662_10202194982849826_850666686_n.jpg

 photo 1510686_10202194983809850_1140897062_n.jpg  photo 1503399_10202194984249861_1065611282_n.jpg  photo 960109_10202194984529868_1262770897_n.jpg  photo 1458596_10202194985009880_1830804601_n.jpg  photo 999910_10202194985809900_1417104092_n.jpg  photo 1503900_10202194985369889_1503433848_n.jpg

(shhh... don't tell her I posted this one, she'll kill me. ;))

 photo cowgirlprincess_dollywood.jpg

She finally went for her learner's permit and asked me if she could drive the rental car. I told her no at first...until we got to this ride.

 photo 1471153_10202194986889927_1300458961_n.jpg

There were lots of instances where she jumped on my lap or puppy piled me in bed each morning.

 photo 1520805_10202178073627106_97679831_n.jpg  photo 1560568_10202286693382532_1120027785_n.jpg

We also had fun going to see Desolation of Smaug at the local Imax. It was my first time seeing a flick in Imax and I pretty much had a religious experience.

 photo 1533866_10202184381904809_1508965719_n.jpg  photo 1476237_10202184381424797_1574461065_n.jpg  photo 1480497_10202184381104789_2026008618_n.jpg

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