Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Now that was cool.

I had a dream where this guy was a thief (he looked like Joe Flangian). He and a few others (two guys and a woman) got hold of a crystal that allowed them to pull off a big heist. Don't ask me how on that part yet since I'm not completely sure. The only thing that I'm sure of is that they needed to charge it up and they did it wrong. They stuck it inside a dang outlet in a hotel while they went about screwing one another. Flanigan's character didn't start out having sex with the others at first, he watched for a while before joining in, going from the girl first then to the two guys. At some point after they've robbed whatever it was (I didn't see that part) the crystal exploded or changed properties and turned them into zombie like creatures. They were still pretty intelligent and they went on the hunt for some people that found their money and started to kill them. The dream switched not long after the mixer and the eyeball in the men's room at a bank. Don't ask, it was gross. LOL

There was one more scene that I remember happening before I woke. Flanigan's character (living dead version) goes to see his wife and kid and watches them as the little boy puts in an 8-track of Led Zepplin and began jamming to it as his mom cooked dinner, shaking her head at her kid being a goofball and acting like his dad.

It was cool to dream like that again. I haven't had one that detailed that I could remember in a while and Joe is pretty cool to see as a not-nice guy and the sex was pretty hawt. ;)

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Tags: dream, joe flanigan, weird

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