Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

apparently I'm a big meanie

There was a guy at work who was not only misogynistic jackass, he was also a complete and utter moron. Every time he opened his mouth he reminded me of my ex-husband. Tuesday night I go into work and a few of us are talking about how the election was going and he piped up with 'Obama is a idiot'. My response was 'if you want to see an idiot, look in the mirror.' He came back with saying my looks could break a mirror. Meh, I've been told worse by better. But the next thing I know he's yelling in the lobby and calling me a cunt and flipping me off. The manager was trying to get him to lower his voice as she let him clock out. I apologized to try and keep the peace but he left anyway. Afterward, the manager said 'if he comes back and goes postal on this place, I'm totally blaming you.'

Cue last night, co-worked asked when she came in 'what did you do to poor Jerry?' I got a high-five from another co-worker when he heard and one of the other managers told me 'I'm disappointed in you. You denied me my chance to fire that idiot.'


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Tags: work

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