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Artwork: Beyond Strange - Atlantis Big Bang

At last, the [community profile] atlantisbigbang has gone live!

The list of stories is here.
Artwork is here. You'll be blown away by some of these pieces.

I guess I could just do the announcement and let you find my artwork but I have to do a post in my LJ/DW for posterity. [personal profile] mific's story can be found here and it's an excellent AU with some great action and will pull you in almost immediately. She's done some really fine world building with this story. You won't be disappointed.

An Earth-based sci-fi AU set in 2029. The accidentally-released RAITH virus has taken a terrible toll, mutating people beyond recognition and leading to a state of emergency in the USA with widespread special hospitals and detention camps. Escapees and the infected are being disappeared by Global Emergency Newly Infected Induction squads – the GENII squads. John Sheppard, a disaffected Vegas cop and anti-grav lifter pilot, is caught up in the changes, but can he and the renegades with whom he's joined forces make any real difference as the number of infected grows and the state reacts with increasingly extreme measures? Especially when it all gets very personal for John.

A scene from the story.

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