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thank you, captain obvious

This little scene happened just before I left work. I'd just taken out the trash (and had half the can full of garbage bags fall onto the ground. ewww!) and was coming back for the boxes. An elderly man, about 85 or so, was coming around the back of the building. I guess he goes on walks each morning because I've seen him more than once. He sees me and I tell him good morning.

Old man: How are you doing?
Me: I'm doing good.
Old man: You should lose weight.
Me: *keeps from letting mouth drop in surprise* I'm working on it. *loads broken down boxes onto the top of the trash can and resists adding 'you stupid old fucker'*
Old man: Good, you'll feel better if you do.
Me: *smiles and heads to the dumpster* You have a good day.

*HEAD DESK* Yeah, that was the topper to my night.

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