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[draft]Chasing Peace (3)

This is at just under 3,800 words so far. This makes me a happy camper since this is the most I've written in a very long time.

If you see something completely off, shout at me (not really shout since I'm a delicate flower) to let me know. There are several SGA characters here I've never really written before other than a line or two.


-- flashback --

They're deposited by dart on a planet with three suns and zero plantlife. John picked Cam off the ground and they held one another up as they walked to the DHD and leaned against it. When John starting hitting symbols Cam asked him where they were going. He couldn't stop shaking, the suns were beating down on the back of his neck and he already had sweat running down his temples but he was freezing; his skin felt like there was a million ants crawling all over him. Cam couldn't tell if he was going into shock or he was dealing with the leftovers of the Wraith enzyme.

"We need to hop around for a little bit. I know off the top of my head some worlds that won't be hurt by the Wraith following our trail," John explained.

"Okay - okay. Then we dial Atlantis, right?"

John turned his head, looking Cam up and down a minute before pressing down on the center crystal. "You do remember what happened, don't you?" he asked, slipping his arm around Cam's waist to help him walk to the gate. Rubbery legs were a bitch even at the best of times and Cam had forgotten that John had been in his place before.

"I'm hoping it was all bullshit… and it doesn't hurt to try," Cam gritted out. It was really getting hard for him to breath in the heat.

John grinned. "My Cameron, ever the optimist."

Nodding his head, Cam said just before they stepped through the gate. "You're damn right."

--end flashback--


They both knew what to expect coming back into the wonderful fold that is military bureaucracy. Medical exams, debriefings (more like interrogations, if you ask Cam) and then more debriefings and reams of paperwork and then they'll be sent back to Earth and probably declared unfit to continue being associated with the military. Then they'll be left to fend for themselves on an alien world that can never be home again.

Fuck that shit.

While they were still sitting on the infirmary beds, Cam and John shared a look before John gave him a subtle shake of his head and a smile. They were either going to stay here on Atlantis or they were going to run - only this time will be on their terms.

It took everything Cam had to not flinch whenever someone got too close. He tried to rationalize to himself, repeating that he knows the damn tests that are going to be performed because he did them some times more than once a week when he was still at the SGC and the few weeks he'd been on Atlantis before they were taken. Most of the people in the infirmary are new to him though and he wasn't liking 'new' right now. Forget getting that Beckett guy touching him. Cam had met him when he was alive but now that he's back from the dead. He didn't think so. John isn't much better because when Beckett comes near them, they both get to their feet and inching their hands near their guns.

Ronon stopped Beckett and talked to him quietly, glancing back over his shoulder to John. When he looks back at Beckett, the doctor nods in agreement and walks away. Ronon joins them. "Beckett is going to let Keller take care of you. She was the doc in charge after the other Beckett was killed

"I know you're going to tell me a great bedtime story about all that," John said quietly, "but he still freaks me out right now. So I guess Doctor Barbie will have to do."

Ronon shrugs. "You never used to call her that in public. She still hates when people use it, just so you know."

Someone cleared their throat and they all turned as one in the direction of the doorway.

"Teyla?" John says quietly, in shock at his friend's appearance. He walks softly in her direction and Cam can't help but grin at John's response to teammate's large pregnant stomach. John is reaching down and gently gives his friend a hug. It's the first time in over a year that John hasn't gone running the opposite direction from a pregnant woman. They'd seen a few over the years but the last… Well, neither one wanted to think about the last one. Cam knows that tonight will probably be a rough (rougher) one for John if he's able to fall asleep.

"How far along is she?" Cam asks Ronon.

"Not long now. I think she said that the baby is due in the next month." They watch John rest his hand on Teyla's stomach. Teyla is crying as she rest hers on top of her friend's.

"You the daddy?" It's a natural question, but Ronon looks like that's the most horrific thing imaginable. Okay, he gets it now. Teyla is all of their little sister.


After Keller (and Cam can't help but call her Barbie in the back of his mind now thanks to John) finishes running them through the gauntlet of medical tests she walks with them, Ronon and their security escort back up to the conference room. She seemed surprised when they both asked for their clothes back instead of opting for the uniforms left on the tables by their beds.

"Um, are you sure? I just mean that that they're kind of dirty?"

Cam looks down at his shirt and sniffs it. "Hey, I'll have you know this is still clean. I don't know about John but I've still got at least a few days worth of wear until I have to beat it against a rock."

"Don't mind him." John waves his hand in Cam's direction. "He hates having his homemaking skills criticized.

She gives them a weak smile as she leads the way out of the infirmary.

Sitting around the conference table is old school week and feels surreal and if this is all just a dream Cam really wishes that he'd wake up now. Because Sam, McKay, Keller, Lorne, Teyla and Ronon are all staring at them as if they were that evening's floor show.

Sam starts the meeting with the expected little speech about how happy she is that they'd been found and how she knows that it must be taking a lot of out of them both. Cam's head is all ready pounding by the time she's done with that bit.

Keller gives them all an update saying that so far everything is all surprisingly hunky dory with both Cam and John except for needing some rest but not all the tests are back and that she didn't want to say anything further until tomorrow and god can she just shut up all ready?

"Cam?" He hears John say his name through the thump-thump-thump in his head.

"Yeah." The looks everyone is giving him tell Cam he's zoned out a little and is freaking them out.

John looks from him over to Sam. "I think we need to get some sleep before the fun starts tomorrow. Are you making us stay in the infirmary?"

"No," she answers and looks down at the tablet in front of her, "We have two rooms…"

"One. We need one room. We stay together." John tells her. He glances over at Cam and smiles. "Also because we'd really like to fuck right now. I think we need it after the day we've had."

Cam isn't exactly quiet when he adds, "That's for damn sure."

All those years on SG-1 have really left Sam able to handle anything because she's completely un-phased by what John's said. "Okay, then. One room it is."

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