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Hmmm...let's see what type of day I'm having.

1. Can't fall asleep. Been awake since 9:30 last night *i just wrote the time there originally as (:#)*

2. Finally got a babysitter for tonight so I could take my mom out to dinner and a movie. But the water pump has gone out on the mini-van as she was going to church with the kids. They sat in the heat for 2 1/2 hours waiting on my brother to come pick them up. And we're still waiting on the tow truck driver to pick up the van..at double the price because it's the weekend.

3. I gave up trying to sleep so I was working on icons, but quit because the text refuses to come out right for me. (See previous post as an example of suckiness)

4. And I can't concentrate on anything I've tried to write for the last two hours.

Yup...It's official. I'm in a whiny ass mood. I think I'll go read for a while, maybe my brain will shut down finally. If I'm lucky I'll slip into a fucking coma.

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