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Had a good night off. Watched Perception then the movie The Intruders with Clive Owen. I enjoyed it. Kinda predictable but twisty at the same time. I also chatted with [personal profile] camshaft22 and talked about a story idea where Sheppard and Cam are made into Runners together.

I've got about 500 words written. Which I know isn't much but it is for me. I'm happy. I hope I can get some more on it today before going back to work tomorrow night.

**thinks about it**

Screw it... if you'd like to see what I have so far it's under the cut. Warning: expect tense shifts. I suck at them.

Chasing Peace

Chasing Peace

A light frost discolors the leaves of the trees and smaller plant life, Cam knows, but in the pre-dawn everything is equal. Shadows and echo intertwined as the world slowly begins to waken. The world has a 45 hour rotation so it takes a little while for the first rays of light to brighten the tops of the treeline behind the Stargate.

The planet is a refuge for Cam and John. They only come when they've hit enough Wraith patrols to cause a fuss to be made about finding them. It had been a contender for Alpha site in the expedition's third year but sun the world orbited put off just the right kind of radiation that fucked with all types of electronics. It didn't matter if it was Ancient, Wraith or Earth-based. The planet was a great equalizer. With the exception of the Stargate and its DHD. The first time McKay tried to figure it out John had to pull him away from the project after a week before McKay shorted out his brain. It was the constant repetition of 'but there's no possible way for it to still work!' that clued John to the upcoming meltdown he'd once told Cam.

Cam closes his eyes against the sunlight, wrapping himself around John beneath their blankets to keep warm. The nights had a high just above freezing. So the small bundle of fur blankets come in handy after their camp fire died out.

He knows John will be up soon so Cam decides to allow himself a few hours sleep before he needs to get up. The plan is to head to the market on Planet Marigold. John doesn't care that Cam can never remember the damn place's name and it has all those plants that remind him of marigolds that grew outside the school library when he was a kid.

They're almost out of the cured meat they have stored in their little hide-away. There's a bagful of trinkets left from the few wraith encounters they've had in the past month or so. They'll come in handy in exchange for some staples that can't be found in the wild.

John hates going into markets for lots of reasons: the old bounty notices from Genii are still a problem occasionally. That's left behind more than a few dead bodies in their wake. Wraith worshipers, now there's a cluster fuck of epic proportions waiting to happen. For some reason, actually Cam and John both know of a damn good reason, they find their evil asses in front of either Cam or John and think that it's a good idea to try and bring them to their 'Masters'. But Cam is sure that the biggest reason John hates it all is the crowds of people. Refugees,orphaned children, constant reminders of how Atlantis, how he, failed to protect anyone really.

It's guilt and fear and anger rolled up into one big mess. Cam does his best to not let it get the better of John, but he's not much better.


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