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New Doctor Who tonight! Totally sucks that I have to work and can't watch until morning. (I've already requested to have Sept 15th off so I can see Ben's episode that night.)

I saw Joe Flanigan's 6 Bullets and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Jesus fucking Christ he looked badass as fuck in this. I'd hoped to see a piece of his character's MMA fight but they didn't have that particular fight in the movie. Anyway... his fight scenes were so damn good and I keep re-watching them over and over. The TPTB for this flick really know their stuff editing fight sequences. Unless Joe didn't have a stunt double I couldn't find it in the cuts. (something that TPTB for the Stargate franchise should take note of and feel ashamed. I personally hate 'seeing' the stunt double in an action/fight scene and you could see it plain as day on SGA.)

While I've enjoyed his 'softer' flicks and what he did on SGA, Flanigan doing a serious action movie is pretty much perfect acting-wise and I really hope he does more. Or hell, the best of both worlds would be him doing a serious action sci-fi adventure drama.

Oh, and I can honestly say that I also enjoyed JCVD in this too. It's been years since I'd been able to enjoy his acting in a movie and it was nice to get that back again.

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