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Comic Con

I'll be heading out in the morning for Comic Con next weekend. I'll be sharing the driving with the Producer for Fans: The New Hollywood Moguls since we're transporting the video and audio equipment. I'm excited about going to this particular con and also terrified that I'll be too 'me' and completely screw myself. I don't know how much I'll get to fangirl over things since I'll actually be working with interviews and getting B footage.

Our official website is going live on Friday, which will include the blog that I've been put in charge of to write about my first Comic Con experience. (I'll do a post and link you all to it.)

If you know of anyone who is going to SDCC and would like to be interviewed for our series about fandom, tell them to look for the t-shirt with Fans: the New Hollywood Moguls on it. If I'm outside, I'll be carrying a lovely umbrella to block the sun.

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