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Well, I didn't receive a write up for missing work due to the brakes going out. But they've cut my hours 20 last week and 25 this week as punishment. The main manager also over-rode the person who does the schedule and put me on for tonight at a time we (me and the scheduling manager) had arranged for me come in at 10pm on Mondays due to CB's classes. Okay, it's true that with the brakes being out she'll have to find other transport to her class and I won't be depending on the car to get me to work - still it's kind of screwed up that J did that. So tonight I get off at 2am (which is totally atypical), there's also a couple nights he has me getting off at 4am.

Dear bossman,

I get it that you're irritated at me inconveniencing you (which not really since you weren't even the manager on duty) those two days but it's not like it was my fault about the brakes busting a caliper. I did call in over twenty-four hours in advance the first time and then the manager who said she'd send a co-worker to pick me up never sent her or even called me back. And cutting my hours is not going to help me get new brakes or transport any faster. And thanks for telling people that I'm about to lose my job because I call out too much. I'd done it once before this for a migraine that prescription painkillers couldn't shake. So really, the way you're doing the schedule all wonky looks like you're trying to make me quit first (of course, that could be my natural paranoia.) One more thing you should know: You're an ass. Just sayin'.

Just as fucking irritated but holding out til I get a better job,

ETA: Got a call before work and the manager for the night said she was giving me the night off because she had too many people scheduled.

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