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09 June 2012 @ 08:42 am
brakes and marraige proposals  
Bad: Brakes have went out on CB's truck and it's an older model 4x4 Ford Explorer. We'd been metal to metal for a couple days with no choice but to continue driving. The brakes went out completely Thursday night on CB when she started to head to the airport to pick up her boyfriend. Thankfully, she was only a block away and made it safely back. But I just put brake fluid in and pumped them to get the air out of the lines and there was no change. I checked the reservior and it was empty again. I looked around at the master cylinder and then under the car and saw where there is fluid coming out of the front-left side brake. All of the fluid is now on the ground. I already had to call out of work last night because of this and it looks like I'll have to do it again tonight. *head desk* I'm going to see if someone from work can pick me up but that didn't work out so well last night.

Great: CB's boyfriend proposed to her and she said YES! I got to participate by being all sneaky (and feeling guilty for lying) and finding out her ring size. They met a few years ago at the Farscape con and actually had their first kiss at the last con. This is the guy that CB went to see in Oz earlier this year for a couple weeks. I'm so happy for her (them!)

This is a video I'd done with them at the con where they re-enacted the elevator dance from Farscape. (I filmed it Avenue Potter added the audio from the episode.)

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