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I've spent the last 14 hours trying not to cry and trying to find a reason to even keep going. Everything about me is shit. I'm the definition of a loser, I can't seem to get ahead enough to even have a place of my own. I don't have a future.

The other day all I could think is that HD has signed his papers to join the military and we've both fulfilled our bargain and I don't have to continue trying anymore.

I know I won't do anything right now because I still have my dogs to take care of and this little downward spiral will (hopefully) soon go away. The only reason I haven't just curled up in bed and tried to sleep through it is because of work, the editing project I'm working on, and Yoda and Taz.

I debated just making this post private, but fuck it. I am turning off comments though because there is nothing to discuss.

Comments are disabled because the subject matter is something I don't feel like discussing at this time.
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