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My Baby Boy Is Officially A Grown Up.

Goddess, help him.

HD is 18 years old today. I can not frelling believe it. I can easily remember the first time I saw him after he was born I thought: He's freaking huge! (9 lbs 4 oz and a month overdue) I danced with him and sang to him to get him to take naps when he was a toddler. I giggled in the middle of the night when he accidentally peed on M's head as I changed his diaper and didn't put the baby wipe over certain parts in time. For four months I comforted him as he woke up every night at exactly 2:30 am screaming and crying as if he were being ripped to pieces and he suddenly outgrew all of his clothes (growing pains don't exist, my ass!) I used to blow on the edges of his earlobe when he had ear aches. I've given him the best advice that I knew to help shape him into a man that I (and my dad) can be proud of.

He's blown my mind and stretched my patience to the limits over the last 18 years and last week I found out he's going to be a daddy himself. First words out of my mouth when he called was: I thought I taught you to always wear a hat, boy. His response: the hat broke.

He's still going into the Marines, and he's also still going college for law enforcement. I told him that I'm damn proud of him that he's going to stand beside his girl even if they don't plan on getting married just yet. I told him that I may not have given birth to him but he will always be my son. I'm not ashamed to admit that there were tears on both ends of the phone line.

He's still my baby.

ETA: Just talked to him on the phone and I read him my post. He said it was the sweetest gift he'd gotten (he knows just the right thing to say to a girl ;)). His mom posted on fb a video of them waking him up at 5am with a candle stuck in an apple pie. LOL He also apologized for not calling me on mother's day since he'd broken his phone and hadn't gotten a new one yet. I'd wondered why I hadn't gotten a call from him since he and his sisters always call me each year, but I hadn't been worried that he'd forgotten. ♥'s him so much.

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