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SGA Fic: Home Calling

Note: Short piece (drabble-size) written this evening for [personal profile] camshaft22 as a prezzie.
Rating: G
Pairing: Sheppard/Atlantis

Home Calling

Brush strokes pass over the surface of his mind, fleeting and insistent. They pause at the edge as if barred. He knows what - who it is - and relaxes. Leaving himself open. An open book, pages blank and ready to be written (re-written) upon.

The chair beneath him warms, raising his own temperature as it fills every millimeter with energy. Making him an extension of its surface. His eyes are open but there is no ceiling above him, no throng of scientists and, later, doctors exclaiming and demanding explanations. All there is blue, light and sea and sky - and her voice. She calls him by name, embracing him and comforting him as she tells him that he is home.

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Tags: fic, john sheppard, sga, sheppard/atlantis

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