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Can't Sleep. Clowns Will Eat Me

I really can't sleep because my brain won't shut up and I'm waiting for my sleeping meds (2nd dose) to kick in.

Saw Avengers last night with CB. IT ROCKED! Can I ship Stark/Banner nao? Just kidding. (maybe)

Things that happened at work on Friday night:
- Did almost $800 in two hours through the drive thru, of which I was the cashier. OMFG!
- Customer told me 'I had him at hello'. And I didn't really catch it until I closed the window and then totally burst out laughing.
- Because I kept saying 'okie doke' to people when they asked me to wait, a co-worker bet me to actually respond with 'Okely-dokely' like Ned Flanders. I did not take him up on it - but I really wanted to.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommas on my lists! ♥

Going to try and sleep again.

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