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I woke up to a scary call from my mom. She told me that my brother is in the hospital after the infection from an abscessed tooth went into his bloodstream and almost reached the base of his brain. He's also lost 30 lbs in the last two months so they're testing for other things as well.

For the last two days I've been worried whenever the phone rang. Now I know why. It also brought me back to the moment when I took the stat call from the hospital on my sister and all I could think is: I can't lose him too!

After I calmed down a little, I gave T's phone a call and actually got him on the line and reassured me more. He is doing better, but he's in the infectious disease section of the hospital on antibiotics and steroids. He had apparently gone to Plant City hospital a day before about the abscess and was in and out in 30 minutes once they heard he didn't have insurance. The next day he woke up unable to breath because his airway and nasal passages were closing due to the infection, so (big)A rushed him to Tampa hospital.

HD had freaked out after walking into the room and seeing how much weight his dad had lost because HD said he looked like his Grandpa (my dad) just before he passed away from cancer. He had to immediately leave. I completely understand that reaction, I'm sure I would have too.

So, if you all could just send some good vibes for my baby bro I'd really appreciate it.

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