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And I am really glad my mattress sits directly on the floor because after I went back to bed, my dreams became even more disturbing. I woke up after dreaming of a guy under my bed staring up at me. That was the freaky part. I was okay with the post-apocalyptic setting and huge tunnels underground.

The walls/ceiling/floors of the tunnel where stark white metal that were warm to the touch, almost like an enamel (for some reason I want to say bone) that maintained a body temperature. They would open up to these cavernous rooms which held computers that monitored the outside environment. It was sad to see all of the monitors showing empty landscapes, void of people. And birds, I just remembered that part. All of the trees were empty of birds. There were huge (working) refrigeration units full of specially packaged foods and there was no one left to eat them.

Or so I though, because that's when I went to bed in the dream and saw the man under my bed.

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