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The Things I Do For My Dogs

Last night (technically, this morning) when I got home from work I had to take Yoda and Taz out for their 'yay! your home, take me to go potty!' walk out in the middle of a storm. I really didn't want to because there was some vicious chain lightning going on but I also didn't want to step in any "accidents" either. Thankfully, the prissy prince (aka Yoda) did his business under the nearest bush ASAP since he doesn't want to get water on his delicate fur and Taz took the hint and followed. After I got them in the house, Yoda immediately jumped on my afghan and started nuzzling in it so he could dry off.

Really, the way Yoda goes out of his way to keep rain off of himself is downright hysterical. I'm just glad there are several large bushes in our yard or else I would have been soaked to the bone (and with my luck struck by lightning) since I typically walk them in the empty lot next door.

Now, time for bed. Have a good day everyone!

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