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Merry Christmas, Catina

I don't know why I started writing this the other day, I guess it was just something I needed to get out.


Nine years ago today I lost my little sister. As kids we fought hard, as kids do, but always had each others back against the world.

She knew things about me that I hadn't even realized, or rather wanted to acknowledge subconsciously.

Catina had plans, hopes for her kids that I've wanted to see fulfilled because that's what she wanted. I tried to teach her kids the things she would have wanted - but some things don't go according to plan despite the best of intentions. I know she would get it and tell me that it's okay because the kids are taking after her (our) stubbornness.

Then she would probably frog punch me on the arm to make the point.

It took us way too long to realize we were best friends who really could tell one another anything and not judge. Neither of us were perfect and didn't have to pretend to be.

I miss her now as much as I did when she first left. Some in the family may not think so, but I do. How could I not miss the one person who could accept me (with all my quirks galore) for who I am without reservation, and crack a joke about it while she did it.

Thank you, Catina, for being there for me while you could.

I love you, sissy. Merry Christmas. ♥

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