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I don't want the Con to be over!

[personal profile] catherinebruce and I made it back safely from the con last night. After we got off the plane we ate dinner at the hotel next to the airport because neither of us had anything really to eat during the day because our flights were waaaay too early.

The last night hanging out in the lobby was both fun and not without a lot of tears from a great many people, myself included (not that is a surprise from those that know me).

It was bittersweet to see so many people I've counted as friends over the years and knowing it may be the last I'll ever get to see them in person. :p

But I will summarize quickly by saying that some of the things that happened were: I participated in the documentary that was filmed about fandom (I was interviewed for a section on vidders), I gave Ben a toboggan hat I crocheted for him and he appeared to like (he told me that he'd been needing one), I (apparently) impressed Rockne O'Bannon with a Farscape movie idea from a contest they'd had the day before (Catherine won) and he said it was really clever he wished he'd thought of it, I made Lani Tupu crack up because I told him that I'd once thought that Emerald City (his manager) was his wife, I made Jeffrey Berman (producer of the Naught for Hire webseries) smile because he saw me wearing a fedora like Nick Naught, I partied with Scapers, and I did a (super) short film of "John and Aeryn" dancing in the elevator at the hotel.

So much more went on and I hope I can do the entire thing justice. I have a couple hundred photos to go through but there will be a decent con report coming either today or tomorrow once I get situated and more coffee in me.

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