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Arrived in LA

I actually got here around noon. Met many Scapers already. *sigh* Feels like I'm home. [personal profile] catherinebruce and [profile] avenuepotter are due to arrive around 10:30am. Had a lovely dinner with Ninja007 and Frellnik and found out from Velva Cater of Gypsy Productions that I'll have my first taste of a make up person before I'm filmed for her documentary on fans (there's a special section being filmed about vidders). Someone she was speaking with asked for my contact info for possible editing work after seeing a couple of my videos.

I need to create a spirit badge for [profile] wishkey in the morning before the official start of the con.

Now after only having a total of 3 hours sleep in the last 50 hours and too many white russians I'm heading off to bed for the evening.

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Tags: con formally known as burbankcon*11, farscape, scapers, squee!

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