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Typically Mom feeds the dogs in the mornings and I'm always harping on her to feed them separately because Boots and Poochie try to take over the food and it leads to fights with Taz and Yoda. This morning she was in a rush and didn't feed them so I woke up to a Boots and Poochie sitting on my chest and attempting to eat my nose or give me snuggles or I was merely a innocent bystander in their usual wrestling...something.

Given the fact that the dog bowls were still put up in the same spot I left them yesterday I could see that they hadn't eaten yet. I take full blame for what happened after I dished out their food on the fact I hadn't had any coffee yet but I'm still a dumbass for not doing exactly what I've been preaching to Mom about how to feed them. After putting down their food, I put on a pot of coffee and went to answer the phone and suddenly I hear Taz and Boots going at it, fighting. I run back in the kitchen to stop them and I can't get Boots off of Taz for almost a minute. The damn pup had mouthful of Taz's fur/skin and wasn't letting go. Finally, I had to bop him on the side of the head and Boots relaxed his jaw enough that Taz could get out from under him. I ordered Boots to lay down (which he obey all of two minutes) while I looked for Taz and saw spots of blood on the kitchen floor. The bite isn't serious on Taz's back, his thick fur protected him mostly. Unfortunately it's an area that is currently thin because it's refusing to grow back after I'd had to shave him over the summer (not bald, just thin). Taz doesn't seem too traumatized or acting like it's phasing him as I cleaned up the bite area.

This is too much to deal with before my first cup of coffee.

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