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I have no words...

I asked Mom to pick me up some yarn since a friend of hers offered her some.

Mom: What are you going to make? What color do you need?
Me: *nods in S' direction* You know... (S is 5 months pregnant and mom and I both want to make her baby blankets.)
S: I don't want it.
Me: It's not for you.
S: I don't want any baby blanket from you. I already have 7 blankets.
Me: You can never have too many baby blankets.
S: Yes, you can.
Mom: No, you can't.
S: If she gives one to me I'll burn it.
Mom: S, be nice.
Me: Fine, I won't make any blanket for your kid.

I'm still going to make one for her kid but I'm going to have mom say she made it.

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