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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

I finally saw it and... just damn! I loved it as much as I did part 1.

About Snape: I was so pissed that he died like a punk. I expected him to go out with more fight than that, dammit! But then I ended up freaking crying for him when Harry saw his memories and it revealed that he'd been in love with Lily since they were kids. *wibble* Everything in his life revolved around her and then Harry because he had to protect the kid out of love for her. It didn't so much redeem Snape and his apparent nastiness than it revealed who he was completely and he really was one hell of a guy. I was happy that Harry named one of his sons after Snape.

I've got mixed feelings about Dumbledore now. I still think he's awesome but now I want to bitchslap him til next Tuesday.

One question I have about the very end where they're all seeing off their own kids. Did Harry have his scar removed? It looked like it to me.

One thing I've enjoyed about these movies is the fact they've progressively gotten darker as the kids became older and the danger & emotion levels ratcheted up another notch. I want to see it again (I've already seen part one about five times now.)

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