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I really don't understand the Spawn most of the time. Especially when it comes to having a pet. I mean, they want a pet but don't want to take care of it. That job always falls to either Mom or myself. Which is one reason why I was ticked at Mom for allowing D to have another dog. Her reasoning is that Taz is old is probably going to die soon from old age. I think that's a load of bull because he may be 16 now and getting more and more quirky in his behavior (he goes under my bed and just does this growling sound for hours) but he's not showing signs of truly slowing down. Another reason I was ticked is because: why the frell have a dog like this that's going to be put outside in this freaking heat?!! I have never understood why people have dogs when they live in the south when the dogs are meant to live in colder temps. We had a Husky-Malamute when I was a kid and he was miserable once we moved from Minnesota to Missouri (he started having seizures after a head injury when he stopped someone stealing our dirt bike. the seizures only happened when he was chained up so my dad gave him to someone with large acreage where he could run. It broke my dad's heart to let him go but he did what was best for Bear.)

Anyway, we acquired Boots/Buddy a couple weeks ago. He's only about 6 weeks old but he was bottle fed since his mother ran out of milk a couple weeks after giving birth to six pups. I thought it was stupid to separate him from his mom and the others so soon but the owners of the momma dog are morons and they dote on D like Mom does so he got his way and brought the pup home. He still needs more frequent feedings because of his age but he is starting to transition from soft to hard puppy food (though I don't give him the hard food too often because I don't want to upset his tummy or constipate him).

I've been trying to stress to D the importance of his role in Boots' life, especially since the pup is a Husky-Wolf. D is jealous of the fact that once more his dog 'likes me more' than him and I think I'm getting it through to him that the only reason is that the pup is sorta seeing me as 'momma' given the fact that he likes to sleep tucked into my neck and tries to suck on my earlobe (god that hurts, he has sharp teeth!!!) which I'm trying to discourage. But I told D that if he spends more time with Boots and sleeps with him that will shift.

I'm glad that we have Poochie here to give him someone to learn and play with because Yoda and Taz are just not willing to mess with the pup. Though I do sometimes have to scold Poochie when he gets too rough and makes Buddy cry when he grabs his ear or tail too hard with his teeth. I do have some footage of Buddy putting the smackdown on Poochie though that is adorable that I'll put on this post once Vimeo finishes doing its thing to the upload.

By the way, meet Buddy:

Photobucket Photobucket


(I have way too many pics of this dog already.)

Playtime! from kazbaby on Vimeo.

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