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I want my fandom brain back

I'm trying (really!) to get back into my fannish brain but it's been hard between being depressed over not finding work (best I've found is babysitting for $5/day) and family problems. The family problems include: relationship issues with mom and myself, worrying about money and the possibility that the govt. won't get its head out of its ass (taking away the only money we have coming in), and not finding Minnie after searching everywhere.

Mom is forcing herself to think that Minnie is dead because she doesn't want to get her hopes up. I refuse to believe it because Yoda would not have left her on his own. They had gotten out during the early morning hours (K still refuses to admit he snuck out during the night and leaving the door unlatched when he returned. unless you lock it, it'll open easy since the wood has shrunk with the lack of moisture in the air.) and Yoda is near invisible in the dark but Minnie isn't. If someone spotted her because of her white coat and called her to their car she would have went to them since we've always had to get in the car to corral them (little buggers are fast!) and would have probably just jumped into the open car door. That's the only scenario that I can see Yoda leaving Minnie and coming home on his own.

I was worried about Yoda because he was depressed (there is nothing worse than a depressed chihuahua, trust me) but he's starting to come back gradually. Minnie is microchipped but the animal control around here is one guy working out of pretty much a concrete shed with an addition built onto it and he doesn't even have a computer in there. But he's familiar with Minnie from when she was there during the flooding and he told mom he'd keep an eye out for her and will bring her home. We've also got all of the kid's friends keeping an eye out for her because they've all snuggled up with Minnie at one time or another. So please keep your fingers crossed that our irritating girl comes home soon.

I'm ticked at mom for letting D bring home another pup, this one is (I think) a Husky-Wolf hybrid. He was born a week after Belle was. In fact, we'd asked the owner of his mother if we could put Belle with her so she could get some actually mother's milk but the momma dog's milk supply had dried up and the owner had to bottle feed six pups. But this pups is gorgeous he's black with a brown highlights on his face and white on his stomach, chest and feet. D named him Boots but I think he looks more like a Buddy so I'm teaching him to come to both Boots and Buddy. Poochie has found a best friend in the other pup and is constantly playing (sometimes too roughly) with Buddy. Though sometimes he lets Buddy tackle him and they roll all over the floor wrestling even though Buddy is a quarter Poochie's size. One bad habit we've got to train out of the pup is his fear of being alone. He cries and barks when we put him in his kennel or behind the babygate to keep him in D's room (Poochie just jumps the gate to get to him).

Now back to fannish stuff. I've done my best to keep up with my lists but I usually don't see it for a few days. I'd signed up for [info]farscape_land but have yet to do anything with it. I think I'm about to get kicked out of it. *sigh* I also need to get my head out of my own ass and get over to the Gatefic Awards and check out the stories and vote. I did have a wonderful surprise a few weeks ago and found out I'd been nominated for three of my stories but I don't expect to win since I'm up against better and more popular writers, but yo... I got nomm'd! Whoever did that, thank you so so much! ♥

If you don't know yet, this year is really and truly the final year for the Official Farscape Convention in LA (I wonder who I have to sacrifice to get there). I also saw last night that Issue #24 of the Farscape comic will be the last that BOOM! will put out. Now that freaks me out in conjunction of the news of the con but then I have to keep in mind that the comics were to be a bridge to keep canon alive between PKWars and the webisodes. So I've got my fingers crossed that this is only a pause for Farscape, but damn I'm going to miss that con (I have for the last two years I haven't been able to go *wibble*).

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