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sometimes special snowflakes are awesome

The other morning I got a call from HD and I don't know how the boy does it but he has a knack for cheering me up when I need it the most. Somehow he just knew that I've been depressed about a lot of different things and called for the heck of it. He talked about how he's doing the lifeguard thing over the summer while he's visiting his dad. He said that one day he was running past (big)A while on the beach and started 'running in slow motion' past her, pausing only to say 'Baywatch', wink at her and kept on running at normal speed.

It took me several minutes to stop laughing.

Then he told me that one day he's going to take me wherever I want to go (Scotland) for a vacation. It's a sweet promise and while I know it's just a dream, it makes me appreciate my little boy just for saying it. When the phone call ended twenty minutes later I felt better than I had in months.

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