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Mom woke up this morning to the front door open, Yoda out on the front porch and Minnie missing. She says she knows for sure that she locked the door last night and I had gone to bed early with a migraine so I wasn't even up to take the dogs out during the night. So that leaves K sneaking out to meet a friend and forgetting as usual to lock the door, which you have to do because it doesn't latch properly. And Minnie is a Houdini who has opened that front door on more than one occasion.

The weird thing (other than the unlocked door) is that Yoda was alone. When he and Minnie are able to break out of the house you can't separate these two. But this time he was by himself and he isn't going nuts trying to get to her like he does when she's outside to use the bathroom. He is acting all depressed and that freaks me out just a bit more. I had hoped that she had simply gotten into the abandoned house next door or beneath it after thinking I heard her bark at one point but she's not responding to her name or to Yoda when we take him out.

Mom is afraid she's dead somewhere on a side street, but I'm thinking someone picked her up because she was easier to spot in the early morning hours with her white fur. I hope like hell she makes her way home if she's just lost but that still doesn't explain why Yoda was alone.

Mom has contacted the animal control person because he's familiar with our dogs from when he housed them during the flood.

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