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Today Belle (formally known as Spotty, or The Pig) went to her new home with my friend Garry. We decided on waiting until she could eat something gruel-like along with the puppy supplement I've been making for her. I took some mini-vids of her on my camera a few days ago (just after she turned 3 weeks old) and figured I'd introduce you all properly. Oh, and she got her first teeth a couple days ago! I found this out when she decided to use my nose as a pacifier. I swear I'm going to be smelling puppy for the rest of my life.

Nighty night kiddo

Bedtime for Belle from kazbaby on Vimeo.

Belle trying to get a handle on walking. The cuteness of this will haunt you forever!

These Paws Were Made for Walking from kazbaby on Vimeo.

This one I'm including just because Poochie (the face&toe-eating-furball) likes to sniff and lick on Belle but totally freaks when she pays him any attention. Watch the end of this very closely. :D -- It's supposed to show him flying off the bed backwards when he jumps away from her but it's not playing all the way for me.

Goofy Pup from kazbaby on Vimeo.

I wish I could caught her growling or barking on camera before she went to Garry's but she's only growled twice so far and I think she barked last night (it was that or a loud hiccup). At least with her going to a friend I can still watch her grow up. Despite the problems with her skin, she's still going to be beautiful. He kept asking me if I'm going to be able to handle it and I told him I have to since he's her best bet now. I've done all I can at this point now she needs a vet to keep her healthy. Garry was really happy though to have someone to take care of again, I think. Every time he's seen her his eyes just lit up. I miss her already and keep thinking I hear her making her little noises. I know, I'm a sap. *g*

(I have a couple more mini-vids of her I did today as well as a shot of her with Garry but I haven't uploaded them off my camera yet. I'll do so tomorrow after I've caught up on my sleep.)

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