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Correction about the sex of the pups. I've been so out of it these past two weeks that I've thought that Spotty was a boy and Butterfly was a girl. It's actually the opposite. *facepalm*

Please excuse the state of the puppies, I have done my very best to keep them clean without overdoing it but they still ended up with poo on streaked on them. I am not as good as a momma dog.

Poochie (aka Furball) - my little alarm clock for the smaller pups. It's been pretty amazing how he watches over us while I've been taking care of them. I believe he's going on 6 months old now but if he doesn't stop trying to eat my face or my toes while I'm asleep he won't make it to seven. *g*
Poochie 2 Poochie1

Some of the pictures I took of all three pups. You can see Butterfly's mark on his back. The reason The Pig is lying so strangely is because of the heat rock we have under all of their bedding. She likes to sprawl over it.

Butterfly's Last Moments Bruno (Goblin) & Spotty (Pig) Babies Last Time Together
Bruno (Goblin) &  Butterfly Butterfly's Mark

I love it so very much when a puppy first opens their eyes and sees the world for the first time (I know they're still technically blind but that's not my point.) I noticed something odd about her legs/feet the other day and I was afraid I'd done something wrong when I bathed them. But I looked it up last night and it appears to be a rare genetic condition for American Bulldogs called Ichthyosis. I've found images of pups affected by this and it's identical. I know, we'll need to take The Pig to a vet to make an actual diagnosis. I wish mom would listen to me and let me find a home for her with someone who can afford a vet.

It's Hard Work to be a baby Wakey Wakey Sleepy Head

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