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I lost Goblin (mom called him Bruno after the daddy) at 6:30 pm after spending the last 36 hours trying to keep him alive by making sure he ate at least a little something every hour. We think he developed an UTI because Spotty is a pig and mistook Goblin's privates for a nipple a couple of times.

I'd been afraid that he wouldn't make it simply because he stayed so much smaller than Spotty (who I call The Pig) despite having a decent appetite himself. I didn't know that I'd end up losing him because of his brother's appetite instead. :(

That was the toughest puppy I have ever seen in my life and I'm completely heartbroken that he's gone. He was going to be so beautiful. At least he was able to hold on until his 2 week birthday and opened his eyes. I was afraid he'd pass away without opening them. Mom keeps telling me that it's a miracle that I was able to do that for them given they were premature.

I won't even get into how S' ambivalence towards animals (and the fact I get emotional when one of them is fucking dying) pisses me off. Except to say that she should never be allowed to have an animal EVER!EVER!EVER! They're just something to own and everyone else has to take care of them. Just because I was calling Spotty 'pig' she got ticked off and said she didn't want her dog called that and if I was going to keep doing it she'd take him back to where she's living now. Mom asked if she was going to feed him every two hours like he needs she said she wouldn't. I know she wasn't serious but still to even joke about letting an animal (especially a puppy!) starve to death just so I can't call it a nickname is just... *screams*

Here are a few pictures of Goblin and Spotty I took around midday.

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

eta: I forgot to mention yesterday that it's my fault that this happened to Goblin. Two days ago I was exhausted and didn't hear neither my alarm clock or Poochie barking and mom had to rush out of the house for appointment. So the puppies went 10 hours without being fed so Spotty must have latched onto Goblin for a very long time and caused an infection to start or she caused him some damage in that area.

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