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Teenagers and why they shouldn't grow up.

I had a conversation with both my girls last night and this morning. V just wanted to chat because she missed me. I asked her at one point if she had a boyfriend (I think this was after discussing the fact that my babygirl is going to be 15 this fall) and the following bit of convo happened:
V: Noooooo, I don't have a boyfriend. I have a girlfriend.
Me: A girlfriend girlfriend or a friend that's a girl.
V: A girlfriend.
Me: Really?!
V: (laughs) No, but I could.
Me: Doesn't matter to me really. I just want you to be happy.
V: That's good because I will be.

I don't know what to make of that to be honest. Is she saying that she's interested in girls, or saying what she thinks I'd be happy with, or she just saying that she'll be happy when the time comes to want to date? It's hard to tell with V, always has been. She'll 'go with the crowd' instead of thinking for herself more often than not which has always had me worried about her. And oh lordy, you can't get a straight answer out of her for nothing when it comes to keeping a secret or thought to herself so it does no good to outright ask her. I've always hoped that she would stop following other's lead and think for herself. And I really frelling hope it happens before she starts dating because I'm afraid she'll be taken advantage of. Anyway, it's her turn to freak me out about possible relationships. I think me and my bro should take turns on meeting the potential dates while cleaning the shotgun.

Now my convo with M this morning was a bit different. She called me up to ask how to spell a word. I busted out laughing because she's always been good with vocabulary but I'll give it to her that it's a pain in the butt word to remember to spell (it was 'inconvenience'). She was writing an email on her phone and so didn't have access to a browser or spellcheck or else she wouldn't have called me for just that reason. She was tired after working late and read an email wrong from a doctor's office she was supposed to interview with and got the time wrong so she wanted to try and reschedule so I helped her with the wording before she sent it.

She talked about how she's excited about her upcoming graduation. (oh and I need to point out that I've been totally wrong about her taking nursing classes, she's taking courses on being a medical assistant. i really should stop getting family gossip only from mom.) Anyway, M has her cap and gown and her boyfriend is taking her out to buy a new dress for the graduation. I told M that I want pictures!!!!! Especially in her cap and gown. She was really happy when I said that because apparently her mom has been saying that she doesn't know why M is making such a big deal about it since it's not like finishing high school or college. *bitch slaps the ex-SiL a few times* I told M that her mom is just freaking jealous because she's doing something that ex-SiL never did and is too stupid to do.

M is also still waiting on the results of her GED test but she's pretty confident that she passed even though she had a hard time with the math. But she told me that during the pretesting that she was able to get near perfect scores on the reading and writing portions and laughed when she heard the instructor say 'holy shit' after he graded it. If she has earned her GED, M wants to continue with school and get her degree in nursing. She's also looking forward to quitting McDonald's because she hates working there so much. One of her supervisors told her to 'suck it up' when M wanted to sit down for a bit since her sinuses are bothering her so badly. This is the girl that insisted on going back to school and work two days after having surgery and this asshat tells her to 'suck it up'? *smacks him upside the head*

There some more talk about movies and I teased her how she's actually dating a guy that's like her dad when it comes to scary movies.

Damn, I miss my girls so much.

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