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23 May 2011 @ 02:12 pm
Last night my brother and (big)A gave us a call to let me know that someone had posted on my Facebook account twice while I was at the store. The first said: I'm gay! The second post: I'm fAT!

(big)A had laughed at the first one thinking I was just being me and not giving a crap and she commented with something appropriate to that thinking. It was the second post that they figured that it wasn't me and commented with 'get off of Shannon's facebook!' and then called us up. They know that I'm a bit touchy about my weight and wouldn't say anything like that.

It was either S or D, I'm leaning towards D because he's the only one of the family aside from me that uses Firefox and he was on a tear yesterday after getting home from spending the weekend with a friend, taking every opportunity to put me down or argue with anything I said. I had been stupid enough to save my password on the browser out of habit with my own machine. But the posts were deleted while I talked to (big)A and then I removed my password from Firefox on mom's computer.

Another upside of that phone call was that I was able to talk to V and found out she passed in school and made it to the A/B honor roll. Given how much she struggles with her school work this is a HUGE accomplishment and I made sure to tell her I was proud of her. There had been talk after Christmas break that she'd be held back.

Okay, gotta split, there are some wicked bad storms heading our way with tornado warnings.

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ninja007ninja007 on May 24th, 2011 05:26 am (UTC)
I hope the storms go past y'all.

I hate when juvenile, immature people have access to computers...