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*tries not to pass out or have my heart beat out of my chest*

I went to walk Yoda and Taz and had the scariest moment in my life. Minnie slipped out the door between my legs. Usually she doesn't go far unless Yoda is right at her side and despite the fact I had him on a leash she took off across the yard anyway. She paused when I told her to come back to me but she decided to be her typical stubborn self and ran for the street. I was stuck in a tangle of leashes for a second and freaked out because she was already in the road. I watched as a dump truck hit his breaks and stopped for her and she safely reached the other side. I threw the boys back in the house and ran after her.

This is the second time she's done this to me when I've had Yoda leashed up along with another dog. The first time was in New York when she pulled her Houdini routine and slipped out of her harness (after that we wrapped her leash through her collar before clipping it to the harness), several people that were waiting to use the drive-thru ATM got out of their cars and helped herd her back to me.

I watched all of these cars on the road coming toward her and there was not a damn thing to do to stop her.

The one thing that majorly sucks about this new house is that it's right beside a major road through town. Mom and I are scared to death that Yoda and Minnie are going to get killed on it if they get out. I hope this time she only ran because of the minor chaos of dogs wanting to go potty and she didn't want to wait her turn. I usually take her out at the same time as Yoda but he and Taz were showing signs of really needing to go badly so I leashed up the Tribble instead of Minnie. Next time I go to take them out, Taz will just have to hold it. :/ Oh, and that little bugger has already done his own mad dash across the road when I was taking Molly out and he took advantage of my inability to control that damn mule. Luckily, the neighbors across the street got him for me that time.

Whenever I think of our dogs and that damn road I hear the voice of the character, Jud, from Pet Semetary talking about the road between the houses killing a lot of pets. *whimper*

(there really needs to be a selection on the mood theme titled 'freaked the hell out')

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