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Thank you geeky gods

I'm now caught up on Dr. Who and Game of Thrones and all I have to say is... *FLAIL* OMG! Geez Louise both shows had me sitting on the couch with my mouth hanging open in shock. Especially, DW's Day of the Moon. So creepy and the ending... *points and makes squeaking noises* The Doctor's Wife I just loved to bits and I knew it would be a damn good one when I saw that Gaiman was the writer of it.

I have no icons for DW or GoT so I'll just use my universal geek girl icon to show my total happy happy joy joy feelings. *bounce*

Oh, one thing I totally forgot to mention in my other posts was the fact that I was still able to do some writing during all of this RL hell. I may not have been able to use my laptop but I still had my notebook that I keep in my backpack. I don't know much 20 pages handwritten translate to yet in word but I'm still ecstatic I was able to get it written. And I greatly enjoyed all of the funny looks I got from people when they saw me writing for hours.

I talked to Computer Corner about my laptop for a basic idea on how much its going to cost to repair Little D and it looks like it'll be affordable for me. (thank god!) I just wish I could watch them fix the laptop so I know how to do it myself in the future.

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