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Back Among the Living

We've moved completely into the new house and we're starting to get replacement things thanks to FEMA. It's shocking just how fast that money goes! Still don't have a stove but we have a few appliances that'll allow us to have hot meals at least.

I went on that little trip with the friend of mom's so I could look after his wife while he played shuffleboard (did you know they play it on tables? I didn't until this weekend) in a tournament. The money I made on that is going to go for repairing my laptop since the fan on it decided to go out the same frelling day I got my replacement power chord. *grumble*

Mom has her new desktop PC (little HP) that I picked out for her to replace the Evil Dell from Hell. There was a Dell desktop PC right beside the HP I pointed out and I said 'don't even freaking think about getting another Dell' when she glanced its way. LOL Now I just need to find a baseball bat and may a few dozen M80's so I can re-enact a certain scene from the movie Office Space on that old Dell. I had her hooked up and networked in less than 30 minutes after I got back home. I think she was impressed for once.

We're trying to figure out where to put things that survived or were salvageable, right now things are pretty much stacked up on the floor until we get shelves or dressers.

Now that I'm properly caffeinated (woke up at 6am and didn't get a cup of coffee until I got home at 11am) it's time to get the loveseat and recliner (it was saved by putting it on top of the washing machine. any port in a storm really worked this time around) in the living room. I have to get that chair in here because mom has decided she likes my replacement futon too much and I don't want to lose my new bed before I get to sleep in it. At least until we get her hospital bed cleaned up and put back together. (Guy from the medical supply place checked it out for her yesterday and said the motor still works)

Gotta go before Little D gets too hot (I'm keeping it cool with a little house fan).

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