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Charging up my laptop and iPod while mom is talking to the landlord of the new place. We finally got lights on there (don't ask me how that happened since we still have to pay the bloody deposit but I'm thinking that Miss Pat, director of the community center, had a hand in that bit of magic. she told mom that the volunteers for the comm center pretty much adopted me. she is so sweet.) So with electricity in the new place that means the owner of the house can fix the leaky hot water heater.

Despite having lights now, we're going to be staying in the hotel for the remaining two days we have left. This gives us a place to relax after dealing with the damaged things at the old house and trying to sift through things in an attempt to salvage them and move them over to the new place. One thing that kinda bits at the hotel, some numbnut broke a step in the swimming pool yesterday and the management had to shut down the pool and hottub for safety reasons and to get the step repaired.

Trust me when I say we really could have used that pool/hottub today. Me, mom, S and her boyfriend spent all day at the old place and god it was hard. Not only physically as you can imagine.

I was the first one to break down in tears after I found my sister's notebook that she kept for keeping track of bills/errands/appointments. Inside I always kept birthday cards from my family, along with a few photos. One particular card I kept in there that I had wanted to keep safe was the last birthday card Catina gave me (a month) before she died. On the front (I'm paraphrasing because I have it drying on my mom's dashboard): Sister, you know how I bugged and teased you and was basically a pain in the butt when we were kids? (inside) I plan to continue. Love, you sis Tina.

Not even going to go into what S said to me about crying over that because she has a point but I'd thought she didn't have to say anything if she wasn't going to be understanding of what I was going through seeing that.

Mom was the next to break into tears when N found the boxes with the framed photos and Mom saw the two photos of her and my stepdad's wedding, family photos with my sister when she was still healthy, and a photo of her parents taken near their 50th wedding anniversary just before Grandpa passed away. I'm hoping to find something online about how to safely remove these from the picture frames in order to scan them and repair them in photoshop.

One bit of happy news for me, I found at least one small box of my books and another of my notebooks that didn't get ruined. I'm dreading going through my boxes of Farscape things (magazines and swag), but so far I've only found a few of the action figures and bobble heads that have gotten wet. We still have a LOT to sift through in the house. There are a lot of clothing that we thought we might be able to clean but honestly... we don't think the stink will ever leave them.

As for the physical side of going into the house, we went in armed with rubber gloves, face masks and antihistamines. We should have also brought with us a lot more bottled water and powerade though. And I'm also going to make sure to bring my Aleve because the sun and not hydrating enough has left me with a monster headache and I'm looking forward to an cool shower when I get back to the hotel.

One of my cousins brought over a truck to help haul boxes since S' little pickup truck refuses to start (still) and after he just dumped our thing in the front yard while we had to pick up the boys from school I think mom is considering my idea to just rent a U-haul cargo van for the rest of it since it's only $20 for local moving. We're getting the dogs in the morning.

Okay, gotta go. Mom just texted me that she's on her way to pick me up. I have at least 69% on my battery at least. Yay!

ETA: Realized after I posted earlier that I'm totally sunburned. That's I get for wearing a tanktop and no sunblock. *facepalm*

I'm lucky it doesn't hurt too much. It mostly stings when I carry my backpack (it has most of the things I require for daily geek happiness). And I hope it damn well stays like that because I don't have the goop to put on sunburns. lol

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