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*grabs tissues* Thanks everyone for the well wishes and the kind words. The family is working hard during the day to get the new place ready to move into. Most of the rooms are painted and we're waiting to find out if the gas stove works and for the landlord to replace the leaky hot water heater. I think once the paint dries in a couple days we're going to start moving in what is already dry.

I got sad news last night though when mom and the kids came over to the shelter to eat dinner with me. Fluffy and Rudolf passed away a couple days ago but they didn't get word until yesterday (cell phone service is sporadic for a lot of folks right now). They were supposed to be at Angel Rescue with Molly but they'd been taken to Animal Control with Yoda, Minnie and Taz. The guy who runs the place said they died their second day there and he didn't know if it was from drinking the flood water or from distemper or worms. I know for a fact they didn't drink that nasty water because they were frightened of it and they didn't have distemper (I know what a dog looks like with it) and yes they had worms but were getting treatment for them. They were otherwise healthy and perky when I last saw them and I am so upset and mad right now I can't see straight. I have not liked the way the animal control is run here since I first had dealings with them and I want my Yoda AWAY from this guy. Mom and the kids say the guy is claiming he did all he could for them. He's told me in the past they don't have vets for the animals they bring in. I think and maybe I'm just seeing a conspiracy here but I think he put our pups down because he didn't want to deal with dogs with worms because it's real frelling funny that they both died at the same time on the same day after showing no signs of declining health the day before.

*takes a deep breath and tries to calm down* Sorry for ranting like that when you've all been so nice. I just needed to get that out of me because my family doesn't understand how I'm seeing it. I'm "too emotional" about "just dogs". Honestly, I'd have stayed in the fucking woods in a tent with my dogs if it meant I still had those pups alive right now. Yes, I was trying to find them a new home but it was because they deserved to be with a loving family and have a kid of their own to play with and make happy. I have always been this way, my animals have always come before me and it's times like this that I wish my dad was around because he got it when my mom never did. There is one man at the shelter (I can't even think of his name *facepalm*) who I've had chatted with, he's a Vietnam Vet and Mormon and he used to own a house (pre-civil war victorian) that when my mom was a little girl my grandfather mowed the yard for when it was owned by someone else. But he listened to me blubber on and cry about the pups and gave me a hug after I was able to calm down a bit.

*another deep breathe* Okay, going back to my original subject (sorry about that).

I have some links for you all if you'd like to help folks in Arkansas who've been flooded.

Arkansas Red Cross (one of the volunteers said if you want it to come to Pocahontas, please put 'Pocahontas flooding' on it and it'll go to the shelter where I'm staying at. Red Cross, Salvation Army and a small army of volunteers have made things a lot more bearable. There is one gentleman, Bill, he is my personal hero. Just for being himself. He's 72 and has had hardly any sleep or relief for over a week because the Red Cross workers are stretched so thin over the state. Until a couple days ago he hadn't had a full night's sleep and a lot of us were worried about him being so exhausted. He finally got a full time relief person showed up yesterday thankfully so they can alternate during the day and night because there has to be someone on duty to sign in new flood victims.

There actually hasn't been too many residents at the shelter until the last couple days because so many was caught on the other side of Black River bridge when it shut down and they were put up at Days Inn or have stayed with family or friends in town. But there has been a steady stream of people that have needed help with necessities and food and every meal there is great many folks that have come in for a hot meal.

This is a story on the shelter that was done by a local station in Jonesboro.

A few people asked if I'd set up a wishlist on Amazon. I feel weird as hell doing this because, for one reason what we need is furniture (beds, dressers and tables) and that's too much. Plus, there are so many little things that I just feel like it's taking advantage (I know I'm not but I still feel that way). But here it is: Family Needs. Um...I guess I'll have to work with my mom on this because all I can think of is things like curtains (I think we have 18 windows in the new place) and area rugs since the floors are hardwood.

And I think I need to end this post because it'll be a book by the time I'm done babbling. I hope to be back online in a day or two. I'll stop in Computer Corner (its a couple blocks from the new house) and use their free wireless and recharge my laptop battery and update you all. I do plan on answering everyone's comments but if I don't I hope you aren't offended and do know that you are so very much appreciated right now. ♥

I added more photos to my photobucket account at the link I gave in my previous post. Some are of the house now that the waters are down (the neighbor's still have water in their house, along with snakes!) and some of the folks at the shelter.

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