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we're going to have to evacuate. the neighbors have already done so because their house is already got water in it (since last night). we were lucky that our place is on a slightly higher elevation. but that doesn't matter anymore because the water is supposed to rise another ten feet before another storm hits tonight and the waterline is about five feet away from our door and the landlady still hasn't brought any sandbags for us.

the things in our shed are soaked but hopefully salvageable.

we're going to shove as many things as we can up in the attic as we can but considering the size of it, that won't be much.

not sure where we're going to be evacuating to. i think possibly the parents of S' boyfriend said we could stay there, but i'm not sure.

ETA: looks like i'm staying with the dogs during the evacuation since there's no place for them. wish me luck that we don't lose water (ha! ironic isn't it?) because i don't want them to drink that river water. it's going to get messy in here i'm afraid.

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