Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

check in

the storms are still going on but I think we're in the clear for our area (tornado wise). i've got photos and video of some things that scared the piss out of us. one tornado hit about a mile from here.

mom is currently on the warpath because D was supposed to be safely tucked in at his friend's house and she got a call saying that he, the friend and two others were in a car that was washed downstream after one of the idiots D was with took the car keys from his friend and drove the car and ignored the overflow of water on the bridge they had to cross. thankfully, D was the first one pulled out since he's the smallest (and youngest) and he's safe. but damn momma is Pissed.

we've now got to worry about flooding because of black river about to overflow.

now off to look for my chord to my camera so i can upload the photos and video.

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Tags: stop...its banjo time, tornado

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