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mom was able to talk the landlady out of evicting us on the condition that we get rid of Molly and the kids can't have friends over unless they stayed inside the house.

Mom was also told that the neighbors said that the kids were peaking in their windows late at night. Mom told her that was bullcrap for a few reasons: 1. The kids are in before 9pm, 2. They refuse to go outside if its dark, 3. She'd reported to the landlord multiple times before he died that we were having prowlers (cars vandalized, windows peaked into, lightbulbs on the sensor light unscrewed) and she has the police reports to back it up. She's been trying to get a streetlight installed down here for months since S woke up to a guy trying to open her bedroom window at 4am.

Mom also mentioned that we had warned these people when they moved in about these people screwing with us at all hours of the night and that if they heard Molly barking they needed to keep an eye out in case it was the asshats and not a coyote. Mom also pointed out that the reason we even have Molly is to keep these prowlers/vandals away.

The reason we have to get rid of Molly is because the landlady doesn't believe she's an American Bulldog because someone told her that Molly is a pitbull and her insurance won't cover her. WTF? That makes no sense because it'd have to be the owner of the dog that needed the insurance not the landlady. But American Bulldogs aren't on the 'vicious' list and if we get proof that she isn't a Pit, then we might get to keep her. No guarantee though. Mom is hoping that the paperwork for getting Molly fixed will be enough for this bitch (the landlady, not Molly).

The reprieve is a load off Mom's mind for the moment but she's going to continue looking for a place that'll allow us to even keep Yoda, Minnie, and Taz much less the two pups. If we're unable to keep Molly, we at least know of someone that'll take her in to be adopted out. The other day we sent Bruno off to the local Pitbull Rescue because despite our best efforts we couldn't locate Bruno's owner. S' boyfriend's dad is a cop and he said the dog looked familiar to him and he thinks that Bruno belonged to a guy who's house was raided for dealing drugs a few weeks before he showed up in our yard. But he couldn't be positive. Anyway, when the woman from the Pitbull rescue came to pick up Bruno I let her know about his personality and just how lovable he is and he promptly asked her to shake his paw. *wibble* But I also mentioned we were looking for a new place and that we probably wouldn't be able to have Molly and asked if she knew of someone like her that'd take in an American Bulldog. She said there wasn't anyone local but she would gladly do it to make sure that she doesn't get sent to the pound (she has the same distaste of the local dog pound as I do because the guy running it just puts the dogs down if they're going to be a hassle for him).

Okay, I'm just plain old babbling now and I should come to a close. So I'll quickly add in that I'm still job hunting, and I'm going to be going to another nursing home to fill out an application. This particular one will supposedly sponsor applicants interested for CNA classes at Black River (tech college). I may also be going on a road trip out of a state for a job in the next week or so to keep an eye on an elderly lady with Alzheimer's while her husband is doing a work convention or something. I'll ride with him and his wife and he'll put me up in my own hotel room and I'd sit with her during the day in the hotel. I'm also looking at possibly taking a course in computer repair in the fall. It'll last a year with an option for continuing to get an Associate Degree.

Shutting up now.

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