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I'd mentioned in my story note for Into Dust that it was actually the second idea I'd had for the prompt. The first idea: SG-1 gets captured by the Lucian Alliance (I'm thinking it's Kefflin and his bunch). After the IOA refuses to allow a rescue because they say the 'evidence' shows the team as being dead. John doesn't believe the so called evidence is showing the truth, but he does believe that they're all being tortured. John doesn't want to bring anyone else into his plan to rescue SG-1 since it's personal because of his relationship with Cam (which he believes no one knows about). Another reason he wants to do it without his friends is because he also plans on just obliterating the Lucians who are hurting Cam. So John talks Todd into helping him get Cam back by promising that Todd's hive can have the Lucians for lunch.

Things that I'm still trying to decide on it:

- How does John explain his absence? Does he fake being kidnapped on a mission himself, or does he just say fuck it and go AWOL?

- Timeline in canon. Is Atlantis still in Pegasus or on Earth?

(which leads to...)

- If they're in Pegasus: How does John get himself, Todd and his wraith to the Milky Way? Wraith ships don't have hyperdrives capable of making the trip between galaxies as 'fast' as Asgard hyperdrives. I'm assuming it'd still take them months to make the trip from Pegasus to the Milky Way. And it'd be (at least to me) too convenient that Atlantis have found a third Aurora-class Ancient ship for John to borrow.

- If they're still on Earth: How does John get Todd away from Atlantis or the SGC where he's being held?

The last two are my main sticking point on working on this story. If I can figure out a way to go with the first option it would allow for working out a way for John to rescue Cam and the rest of SG-1, get them either to a ship or a stargate to where they can be 'found' by another gate team or one of Earth's allies and then get back to Pegasus to be 'rescued' himself.

If I go with the second option then there is no going back to Earth for John and Todd. In fact, John would have to keep Todd with him because he wouldn't want to just let Todd use the Milky Way as his personal buffet table. It'd also be harder for them to take on the group of Lucians who have SG-1 if it's just the two of them.

I sort of want Rodney to figure out that John is going to do something and helps him even if John doesn't want him to go or even know about the rescue. I keep going back and forth on this because to me it'd be more neat if Rodney doesn't approach John with the fact he knows that he plans something and just "fixes" things on his own to clear the way or cover John's tracks. Rodney would be hurt that John didn't come to him for help but he can understand the reasons why.

If I can figure out how John gets himself and Todd to where the Lucians are holding SG-1 in a way that's plausible then I can take off with this story.

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