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*smacks internet connection*

I can't figure out what the hell has been up with our internet because half the time it's not letting me on DW, LJ or my email but other websites will load just fine. (neighbors aren't having any problems) It'll be wonko for about thirty minutes and then everything will load fine for a little bit and then stop working again.


I survived K's birthday party by putting on Priscilla: Queen of the Desert and watching it for the first time.

Now the family is out doing the redneck bonding thing by tagging along with S and her boyfriend on their date to the tractor pull. Really, there is just no damn way that is NOT FUNNY.

Only woke up a little bit ago so I'm enjoying the quiet by drinking coffee and watching Jeremiah Johnson.

ETA (4/5): We've figured out what the problem is with the internet. You're going to love this... don't laugh.

The modem was unplugged and only running on the battery. *facepalm*

Apparently, K missed that particular power cord or didn't have it set all the way in when he put the new surge protector behind the television.

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